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    1. Green Jade Bangle

      This is a rich green with snow white in traditional round cut, size 7.50. It is a collectable piece.

    2. Golden Frog with Coin Sculpture

      A happy three-legged frog grasps a coin in its mouth, seated on a lily pad; a traditional Chinese symbol of good fortune, prosperity and money. Three colors of natural jade (olive, brown and apple-green) move playfully through this delicate solid piece, carved with unusual ...

    3. Icy Jade Bangle

      This is a pure white with slightly green translucent jade bangle with traditional round cut, size 7.25. It is high quality jadeite, from old mine.

    4. Qi Lin (Chinese unicorn)

      Carving: Fire Qi Lin, bat, ruyi(Lotus). Size: 2.2 inch high, 1.5 wide, heavy. Qilin (Wade) is a mythical hooved Chinese chimerical creature known throughout various East Asian cultures. It is a good omen that brings rui "serenity" or "prosperity"). Ruyi is lotus symbolize ...

    5. Large Jade Symbol Armband

      Triple-sized armband of heavy Burmese jadeite with several subtle colors: Lavender, green, honey. Perfect as a centerpiece display for a jade collection. Delicately carved with symbols of infinity and timelessness. 4" diameter, 3" wide, 1/2" thick.

    6. Translucent Light Green Bangle

      A rare combination of delicacy and strength. One-of-a-kind, for a special collector. Pure natural, genuine jade.

    7. White-Green-Earth Necklace

      An elegant 18" strand of multi-colored natural jadeite beads -- white, green and earth tones. Handmade, with gold-filled wires.

    8. Sculpture of a Scholar

      A masterful portrait in stone of a man, gazing skeptically at the world, holding his flowered silk cloak about him tightly. He holds a staff with symbols of wisdom and power. Solid Qi-Jiang stone, artfully carved to use two natural colors of jade from the original rock; one ...

    9. Midnight Caravan Sculpture

      A scene from the Silk Road, carved in precious Chinese nephrite jade from Hetian, Xinjiang China. A solitary man leads a line of camels through the mountains; above him, the crescent moon and a single star keep watch. This piece is carved from a single piece of natural jade, ...

    10. Sage and Child in Garden Scenery Sculpture

      This piece is title "Ju Bao Pen" -- translated, it means "Treasure Bowl" -- and represents endless wealth and happiness. In this enchanting miniature world, a sage talks to his disciple in his garden; nearby is a large urn. Above in the trees, flowers wait and dragons listen ...

    11. Honey Jade Bangle

      This piece has a subtle honey color mixed with white, and comes from Burma. It is an unusual bangle, and a somewhat rare jade combination. Size 7.75" circumference, weight 48 grams. Hand-made in China.

    12. Roses and Ducks Scenery Sculpture

      An enchanting miniature world, carved in solid jade that moves gracefully in hue from white, to lavender. Charming little ducks swim toward each other, as graceful roses arch overhead. A beautiful piece for lovers. Yuan Yang style, 10" wide, 6" high, 2" deep.

    13. Imperial Highlight Jade bangle

      This particular piece was cut flat inside, and half-round outside. It is mostly light apple-green, with a beautiful imperial-green highlight. Size 8.5" circumference, weight 48 grams. Hand-made in China.

    14. Cemetery Plot, Ocean View

      Hawaiian Memorial,1plot, Garden of Koolau Circle, Lot 155, Sec D, Site 1, Valued at $7,500, Selling $6,000 OBO, 256-3775

    15. Comic Books
      Please Contact

      Star Wars and other comic books. Call 256-3775.

    16. Forest Jade Ring

      This is an unique natural creation -- suggesting the lovely shifting green of a sunlit forest. It is very translucent, and colors move from deep spinach green to imperial green with a slightly orange color. Very rare combination, made that much more unusual by the double ...

    17. Subtle White Bangle

      Icy, translucent, with a very gentle green color providing a subtle contrast to an otherwise pure-white bangle. Known as '83 jade' -- discovered in Burma in 1983. Hand-made in China. This is a small bangle (5.75" circumference).

    18. Deep Green Jade Ring

      This is a very old, traditional "Ma An" style ring, from Burma. An enchanting pattern of rich, deep greens. Size 9.

    19. Light-and-Dark Green Bangle

      This jade comes from one of the oldest mines in Burma. When struck gently, this bangle makes a high-pitched sound. It is a dark green, also known as spinach green, mixed with many lighter shades of green. Size 7.25" circumference, weight 42 grams. Hand-made in China

    20. Lavender Jade Necklace

      An exquisite, beautifully-balanced light lavender jade necklace. With natural-color translucent Burmese jadeite beads, each 8 mm. in diameter. 18" strand with 14K white gold clasp, or choose 14K yellow gold.

    21. The Gilded Butterfly- Book

      "The Gilded Butterfly" based on true story. It is a suspenseful, exotic and magic infused story, of love found and lost, of epic danger and life changing epiphany, of supernatural horror and delight. In this book you will discover the horrible, wondrous truth about a girl, ...

    22. Golden Jade Bangle

      This unusual type of jade comes from Henan China. It has a light white color, mixed with pure golden yellow. This is a much softer stone than the normal nephrite or jadeite. It has been utilized in China for thousands of years. The same type of stone is also seen in bowls, ...

    23. Honey Jade Ring Band

      This is rare dark-honey colored jade, carved in strips and fashioned into a wide band ring. Very strong and elegant. Size 7.25

    24. Carved Bead Necklace

      Fifteen lovely hand-carved beads, in a very traditional, antique Chinese style. 18"-long necklace with sterling silver beads between the jade. The jade beads are 13 mm in diameter.